Monday, 14 December 2015

What the press wrote !
This sums it all up! Exactly. Credit to the Mirror News Papers and Garry Bainbridge 
What should you do with your dead mum's ashes?
How un-dignified
I took the casket in my hands and at that moment realised that I had made one of my poorer decisions.
It has been raining quite a lot recently. You might have noticed. And although there was gravel around the plot, it was wet and muddy. I knelt down next to the grave and could feel the water soaking into my trousers.
I leant forward. Now, the thing about wooden caskets is that they are quite thick. You cannot hold them in one hand, you have to use both. Also, it is considered fairly disrespectful just to drop them in the grave. Combine these realities with the fact that the hole dug was about three feet deep.
You should now have a picture of a 6ft tall man kneeling and holding something heavy in two hands, which he has to place gently in a 3ft deep hole. If you can think of a dignified way this can be done, please write to me.
I bent, knowing that I faced my doom, and somehow twisted so that my head rested against the headstone, and, with a face full of flowers, I stretched my arms long enough so that I could gently place the casket in the ground. Then I struggled to my feet.

My trousers and boots were caked in dirt from the gravel, and I had mud up one sleeve. I had sacrificed my own dignity for my mother's, and walked home afterwards looking as if I had done an army assault course in my suit and tie.

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